Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Knowledge of Interview

Graduated almost 4 month...Started to looking for a job and facing the society.No more playing and have to say Goodbye for my uni life and playful life.

So my sister said: "give yourself a month to find a job that you really like it and compare with other company." But I want working very badly now as I started to felt useless and emptyness in my life..

Thinking deeply,I agree what my sister told me..and my friend said the actually same thing with her.So i took their advice.

Interivew is not the easy..Is a knowledge you have fight for your right.For instance,bargain your salary to the max and any benefit that they will provide. Try to learn silent sometimes,answer the question they ask and don't say anything out of the topic.(hardest for me) >.<"

1st interivew with one of the I.D.Firm,I's totally screw up.But it's a good lesson for me so that i won't make such a mistake for my next interview....

My next interview coming soon!!!wish me luck...finger cross!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


“ 没有戒不了的毒,只有戒不了的爱。”

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

X'mas again

Hello everybody,

When I open my blog,I realize that my blog being a year didn't upload anything at all. You guy are true my blog was died..BUT,there is no more died blog for me..I will try my best to updated something..Sorry to let you guy down..

Anyway,It's X'mas again...last year I spent my X'mas eve at London and had a turkey dinner with my housemates..Played some stupid games..time flies, I started to miss my uni life although i just got back from uk less than a month..haha...

This year,gonna spent some time with my parent and Bff at KK.Still planning where should go for X'mas eve?Buffet?Western reastaurant?No idea at long as with my parent and friend..who care...haha...

MERRY X'MAS to all my friend and my lovely parent..

Tuesday, December 22, 2009



Saturday, December 12, 2009


希望我的朋友们还没把我从blog list删除掉。
Persentation 呢就。。。haiz 一言难尽。
毕竟在KL 3 年了,也习惯在外生活了。
我不哆嗦了!!!that all...
PS:x'mas holiday will going to barcelona and amsterdam,yeah!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Meat works,Solaris Mont Kiara

The facade of the restaurant
Interior of the reastaurant

The table decorated by lovely rose with the candle

Delicious beef tenderloin
Meatworks which is located at Solaris Mont Kiara, contemporary design and romance atmosphere. Suitable for couple have their romanctic dinner at here,it provide juicy and melt in your mouth steaks. I ordered the beef tenderloin with sauce that mix with red wine and something else,I can't recall the name but highly recommended by the waiter...Anyway it was delicious and I gonna visit this restaurant again...BTW not suitable for vegeterian as you can see the name is called MEATWORKS..It is hardly find some "green stuff" in the menu...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Busy June!!!

Is time to update my been quite a long time didn't update already..complaining by lots of people...Coz it's been busy for the whole JUNE and lazy is the main factor that didn't update my blog...haha...Anyway,what i did at the whole JUNE???check out the following list and some photo i been taken as well:
1: MY B'day,Yonne hsu visited
2:Bangkok trip with my hometown frens (will upload lots of photo soon)
3:Assignment for jimmy class ( presentation board is too ugly so not gonna show u guy)
4: Lovely mum visited

Yvonne Hsu visited B'day Party at Phuture with classmates Bangkok trip with frensHaving high tea with mum at The Garden